Real Gorilla Seeds Review ( Best European Seed Banks

Real Gorilla Seeds is a United Kingdom-based company that is best european seed banks in the industry but is a fan favourite that is often voted as one of the 10 best seed banks. The company started out when a number of people who were already experts in the cannabis industry decided to come together to form a company. Since they are experts in different areas of the cannabis industry, they brought out quite the power team and superior quality of seeds.

When the company started out, they wanted to create a brand that catered to the returning customers rather than always chasing the high bucks, a move that has kept them in business for a while and earned them the respect of their customers. Their chief says they set the bar high and only aim to go higher and reach absolute perfection.

The company has tested its limits time and again to see how best to serve their clients, sometimes even lowering their prices by half to ensure potential customers get a feel of what they would get while ensuring the constant clients get a great deal. This is something that companies running after profits wouldn’t do because of the implications it would have on the margins. This is proof of the dedication they have towards their clients.

Real Gorilla Seedbank offers some of the best brands to customers at fairly good prices and they provide them on time by delivering orders in promised timelines. Gorilla Seed Bank offers quite a variety in terms of weed diversity. They have genres that do well indoors, outdoor or in a greenhouse. They have medical strains like Sativas, Indicas and blends. They have stocks from some of the world’s favourite farms like Ace Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, DNA Genetics, Dinafem, Sensi Seeds, Big Buddha and many others.

Gorilla seeds have also developed their own brand called Gorilla Genetics seeds and they are available in their store at a fair price. Since the only brand, they can assure a hundred per cent germination and growth rate is theirs, you just have to trust them with the others since they get them from breeders with strong reputations.

Because of their short existence, they are not that popular in the industry but their popularity is increasing. As mentioned, the company is dedicated to their loyal customers and is quite sceptical to new customers, a culture that is bound to change due to their increasing popularity.

They have quite a social team that is active in many marijuana-related sites and platforms, offering advice and debunking myths while engaging their customers. They use a friendly tone and often own up when they are called out for making mistakes that make them approachable.